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Refurbished Radiator Core

Why should you Re-Core a radiator instead of buying a new aftermarket one for your tractor?
Below is a great example of the difference. On the left is a genuine OE core, on the right is an aftermarket complete radiator core. Take note of the difference in tube count and spacing. The aftermarket has at least half the number of tubes as the original core (tubes are where a radiator flows coolant through). By having us refurbish your original tanks and side braces and install a genuine high quality core, your radiator will be as good as or better than new. Don't let the dollar sign fool you when you cut price, you cut quality.

Caterpillar Radiator Repair

Our team has combined more than 100 years experience in the repair industry. Here we are overhauling a BIG CAT radiator. Remember, we can handle 'em all, big and small. 

Fun fact: This is 1/4 the size of the largest one we have worked on.

CASE 8240 Comtalk chopper shaft bine oil cooler Repair

CASE 8240 Combine oil cooler. We have seen a string of these through the shop lately. The bottom two rows of tubes develop leaks. We have come up with a solution to repair these oil coolers and get the machines back up and running. There are no new coolers available, so if you know of someone needs help, send them our way. 1-2 day turn around on this repair.

Drive shaft Repair


Drive shaft repair

When harvest season is in full swing, farmers can't afford down time. The splines on this stalk chopper shaft wore out. The customer needed back ASAP. Shaft was cut, machined to point, new spline shaft was cut and machined. The two pieces were welded together and sleeve machined to re-enforce the two. Customer was back to work that afternoon.


We often get asked if we make radiators or just repair them. With the current trend of building components as cheap as possible, we have found many of our customers are not happy with what may come standard in a machine, or possibly cannot get a replacement. We have a solution for both quality and lead time. Browse the photos below to view a recent project.

Peter Car! We set up mobile hydraulics for this customer to pull a variety of trailers, end dump, side dump, detach, landall. A little extra work was required for this one, but we think it turned out great. And remember, “it only costs a little more to fly first class”

1500lb Tommy Gate installed on a 2020 Chevy 2500 with custom fabrication and details.

We performed a re-core on this air charge cooler for a Claas 920 chopper. The old core was damaged and needed replacement.

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